2005 – 2008 Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London                                   BA Fine Art, 4D specialization (time-based media)


SHINE Emerging Artist Program, Leeds Light Festival, and OffQuays Light Festival

Kinetica Award 2012

MAMAs Award for Performance 2010

Selected Screenings and Exhibitions:

October ’17          Light Night Leeds

August ’17            ASMbly Lab, Leeds

July ’17                 Breaking Convention 2017, Greenwich

June ’17                Real/Virtual Festival, Ugly Duck, London

May ’17                 We are Now Festival Launch, London

Mat ’17                  Harmony is Discordant Accord, Solo Exhibition at Maxilla Space

November ’16      Projection on Weston Park Museum, Worlife 10th Birthday, Sheffield

Symposium of New Technologies for Mindfulness, BSC, London

June ’16                InTransit Festival of Arts – Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

March ’16            Maxilla Open Studios, London

February ’16       Incloodu Festival for the Deaf, RichMix, London

October ’15         Berlin Unfashion Week

July ’15                Breaking Convention 2015, Greenwich University

May ’15            Self-organised Nepal Fundraiser ‘Sing for Nepal’ at Coate Studios

July ’14             LSO St Lukes, “Contemplation” multi-sensory concert

May ’14            Re-Cycle Style, Hundred Years Gallery, London

December ’13   Screening at Ethical Fashion Japan, Tokyo

January ’13       `Re-Cycle Style` Exhibition, Shop 172, Brick Lane, London

September ’12  Festival `Apparition`, Artplay Centre for Design, Moscow

August    ’12     Tweet-me-up at The Tanks, Tate Modern

February ’12     Kinetica Art Fair 2012, London

September ’11 Waterpieces Contemporary Art & Videoart Festival, Finland

July ’11            InTransit Festival, London

April ’11           Digital Stages Festival, London

March ’11        CologneOFF 2011 UKRAINE

March ’11        Climate Change Week, ZSL. London

March ’11        Dialects 4 `Home-made`, Pushkin House, London

February ’11    Kinetica Art Fair, London

January ’11      Responsive Ecologies Exhibition, Watermans, London

December ’10  MAMAs Award Ceremony 2010                                                       (climate change and performance category (won first place in Performance category))

December ’10  Yota Space Festival of New Technologies, St.Petersburg, Russia

November ’10  Screening at BFI as part of onedotzero festival

October ’10     Ranstad VJ Gold Award (screening in 54 cities around the world)

August ’10       Cologne OFF Film Festival, worldwide

December ’09  Vivienne Westwood`s ‘Active Resistance to Propaganda` Show, Bloomsbury Ballroom,London

November ’09  MAMAs Award Ceremony, Musion Academy Media Awards

August ’09       Videoholica Film Festival, Varna, Bulgaria

June ’09           Siteshow II, London

March ’09         Margo art Gallery, Moscow, Bubbles Cafe, Moscow

January ’09      solo exhibition at BOA Building, Tokyo

October ’08     St.Petersburg International Youth Film Festival, Russia

September ’08 Siteshow, London


September ’17 Animation workshop and curated screening of Eastern European Animations, part of Portobello Film Festival, at Muse Gallery

July ’17             Installation for Nowhere Festival, Spain

December ’16 Promo video for King Capisce

November ’16 Film for poem by James Giddings, Wordlife

August ’16       Promo video for Re-Cycle Style IV

Jule ’16             Installation for Nowhere 2016, Festival in Spain

May ’16            Installation for Nest 2016, festival in Wales

March ’16        Visuals for Reflection in Sound, Sound Performance at Hoxton Basement

February ’16    Performance and installation for Incloodu Festival for Deaf, RichMix

January ’16       Visuals for LIK new concept clubnight, Oval Space

September ’15  Promo Video for Re-Cycle Style III

May ’15             Installation Artist for Secret Cinema ‘Star Wars’

February ’15   Promo Video for Vessels ‘Echo In’

July ’14            Performance design and visuals for Soundhub residency at LSO St Luke’s

May ’14           interactive installation for ‘Future Festival’, Moscow

May ’14           fashion promo for Kumiko Tani

October ’13    video projection for LCO Imagined Occasions, Oval Space

May ’13           video art for LCO Imagined Occasions, Aldwych

April ’13          Promo video for Rambert Dance Company                                               `Evening of New Choreography at QEH`

March ’13       Secret Cinema ‘Brazil’ (installation)

January ’13    Fashion Promo for `Re-Cycle Style`

June ’12          Secret Cinema, `Prometheus` (installation)

January ’12    Photo shoot and music video for `Bertie Sees the World` 

November ’11 Secret Cinema ‘The Third Man’ (projections design)

July ’11           Commissioned as a projections designer for Common Sounds:                    Touching the Void event at Commonwealth Institute, Kensington, London                 Created visuals for ballet staging of Harrisson Birtwistle`s `Orpheus Elegies`

February ’11 Commissioned as a visual projection designer for Secret Cinema production `The Red Shoes`

November ’10 Commissioned to create visuals for Royal Opera House                             production `Mirabai` (in pre-production)

October ’10      Promotional video for Wildbirds and Peacedrums, The Leaf Label

September ’10 Commissioned by ZSL and Musion to create a piece to widen awareness about climate change

August ’10        Promotional video for Vessels, Cuckundoo Records

January ’10      Promotional video for Polar Bear, The Leaf Label                         (appeared on BBC6 as video of the week and is in Eclectro`s list of 36 best videos of 2010)

September ’09 Commissioned by ZSL and Musion to create a piece                                about endangered species

September ’07 Visuals  for `Unfashion Show` at Cochrane Theatre, London

September ’06 Promotional video for CityClass, Moscow


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