music videos

King Capisce – Once We were Wild (2016)


Vessels – Echo In (2015)

The video is a blend of real footage and animation. The track made me feel like flying through the air, encompassed by dynamic motion. Seeing air, – visual snow is an entoptic phenomena, I wanted to visualize it by decomposing the Vesses logo in the fragments of shapes that fill the visual space. Exploring the echo between our perception and the external world, the landscape becomes fluid and layered, influenced by the music as a subconscious process.


Vessels – Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute (feat. Stuart Warwick) (2010)

The concept for this song came as a vision of colours and shapes while listening to the music for the first time, the music developing and undergoing complete change reminded me of an insect metamorphosis, i thought specifically of a firefly and that led me to explore the light painting effect. Another interesting fact about the firefly is that it uses its glow as a mating signal. Stuart`s intention (the songwriter) can be referenced here – regarding sexual awakening, i thought of it mostly as a sensual rather than sexual but there is a notion of explosion of senses after a period of restriction within the cocoon.

Polar Bear –  A New Morning Will Come (2009)

This video was commissioned by Sebastian Rochford, an amazing drummer
with amazing hair, the founder of experimental jazz band `Polar Bear`,
signed to Leaf Label.
The music video shows a visual landscape of evolution and
temporality of the world in constant construction and deconstruction that compliments the soundscape of the music.
I wanted to show evolution of form, forms of beings, forms of thought,
and the perpetual process of its destruction and creation. I combined
archives of vintage educational films with my own textures, playing
with layers of meanings using archetypal(and mythological) forms
constructed throughout history. The main four archetypes used are
cell,sun, egg and the eye: as the four creative elements of the world.


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