This work has been commissioned by Musion Technology (musion.co.uk) and ZSL – Zoological Society of London.



Life out of Balance (2010)

This film is a collaboration with captincaptin and Madi Boyd (narrated by), commissioned by ZSL to raise awareness about climate change and its main issues.


(non-narrative version)

(Narrative climate change version)


Potosi (2010)

This film follows the embryonic development of Potosi pupfish, which is extinct in the wild due to coastal development and drought. It is a microcosm of the fragile nature of life and our planet, showing the beauty of nature from a primordial perspective that is yet beyond the world where the planet is deteriorating because of climate change and human influence on the eco-system.



Partula (2009)

Filmed at the London Zoo, the film was intended to promote awareness of the endangered lives of a small Polynesian tree snail – the Partula Snail. The film concentrates on the image of the snail’s spiral, as a symbol of infinity that contradicts the true nature of the being inside, its shell almost serving as a conceptual exploitation rather than protection.

Throughout the film`s narrative the image of the Partula snail is being imposed on by contradicting elements, – nature, and artificiality of an object; power(evolutionary success) and fragility, infinity and extinction. This is meant to bring awareness at our own misguidance, of control and appreciation of the natural habitat.


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